Mr. Enders' Class Page - Pleasant High School

Welcome to my class page. I hope that you find many uses for this site as I will be updating it regularly with class notes and bonus materials.

You may contact me at:

The class notes may be in one of two formats. If the notes are in ".pdf" format, then click on the link and view. If the notes are in ".flipchart" format, you will need to download the free flipchart viewer by clicking here.

During the 2019-2020 School year, my courses will be as follows:

Period 1 - Algebra II

Period 2 - Calculus (1st semester) ; College Algebra (2nd semester)

Period 3 - Advanced Math

Period 4 - Algebra II

Period 5/6 - Algebra II

Period 7 - Lunch

Period 8 - Advanced Math

Period 9 - Algebra II

Period 10 - Conference / Planning Period

REMIND Texting Service

Students and parents can sign up for a free texting service to remind students of upcoming assignments. Remind is a one-way text messaging and email system. All personal information remains completely confidential. Teachers will never see a student's phone number, nor will anyone see the teacher's phone number. There is also a remind web app for computers and smart phones available at the remind website.

To sign up, text the following messages to 81010

Classroom procedures can be found by clicking here: classroom procedures.

To see homework, click on the appropriate class label: Until school is back in session after closing by the governor, the following links are invalid. Please follow whatever is posted on Google Classroom for each class.

Homework cover page can be found here.

Classroom Procedures.doc