Welcome to Calculus. Calculus is a 5 semester credit hour course taught through Marion Technical College. All course materials will be given through MTC's Canvas site.

A graphing calculator will be required for the course.

Calculus Guided Notes

Calculus Completed Class Notes

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Some interesting sites to peruse primarily for Calculus:

Here is a website for flashcards. I found many for calculus:

Derivative Calculator with Steps -

Integral Calculator with Steps -

Graphing calculator -

The following were copied from Dr. John Maharry, The Ohio State University at Marion. Used with permission.

Calculus Notes on the Web

Calculus Notes from Drexel Univeristy (2005-2006)

Calculus Notes from Northwestern

Integrator from Mathmatica

MathWorld from Mathematica


Integral Calculus Applets from DJ Heath (Riemann Sums, Integral Function, Arc Length, Disc Method and Taylor Series)

Riemann Sums

Accumulation Function

Equations of Motion

Volume of Solid by Disks/Washers/Shells

Fun Calculus Links

Calculus Rhapsody

I will Derive

Calculus in 20 minutes